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The Logical Octopus also has expertise with handling audio-visual data

What can I do for you?

Video services include:

  • Converting between formats and/or codecs
  • Separating audio and/or overdubbing
  • Resynchronising poorly matched streams
  • Downsizing data quantity substantially while maintaining near maximum quality
  • Editting and mastering for DVD or other publishing techniques
  • Hosting embedded video from your own website
  • Using cloud technology for efficient content delivery
  • Using either streaming or progressive media delivery depending on individual requirements

A major problem I see again and again even with so-called professional video services is the incorrect handling of interlaced fields. This results in artifacts called mice teeth and is especially visible when played back on digital apparatus. If not handled correctly these artifacts can even be mastered into your final product in such a way that it cannot be properly removed. Don't let the other guys ruin your hard work. Send it to me for superior results.

Also there are certain cases where you can convert between formats without losing any quality at all. There is a myth that it is impossible to convert without losing some quality, but when codecs are consistent it is, in fact, possible. The main culprit for quality loss is codec conversion, but with due care and attention to detail, the codecs can be analyzed and converted with very minimal loss.