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What coding abilities can the Logical Octopus offer you?

Custom Software Development

I can:

  • Create fully customized software for your business
  • Develop desktop or client/server based solutions
  • Use standard software and coding practices
  • Create simulations based on well established physical behaviours
  • Use strategic methods that allow for scalability (future expansion)
  • Optimize the balance of speed vs. size, for fast and efficient code with a small footprint
  • Where practical, I can web-enable these applications

Some examples of software solutions I have provided in the past include:

  • Visualization techniques for data with complex associative hierarchies (see Visuwords™)
  • Map plotting software, integrating customer acquired data with pre-existing geographical information
  • Automatically assisted first break detection for seismic interpretation
  • 2D and 3D data viewers for the seismic industry
  • 3D parametric orbital viewers for astronomy/astrophysics
  • 3D terrain visualization